söndag 31 juli 2011

Full House will always be there!

Full House is a part of our child hood! I don't know about you but i always feel so happy and safe while whatching Full house, you forget about all your problems and just smile!
If you do lika i did, watch all of the episodes in some weeks you'll see them as your virtual family! ;) Hahah, sound a bit weird but it's true!

So if your feeling down, the tanners will be there to make you smile again!

fredag 29 oktober 2010

Todays Picture

torsdag 28 oktober 2010

Olsen Twins on The Ellen Degeneres Show

Mary-kate and Ashley Olsen has been guestin the Ellen Show last month!
I couldn't upload the video because it's not out on YouTube yet but there is one persone who's filmed the whole interwiev with a camera on the TV, it's not the best quality but if you wanna see it anyways, click here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N-SXWKi0_UI

Todays Picture

So cute! =)

John Stamos on Jimmy Kimmel!

Dave Coulier with a Lego Guy

Dave put this picture on his twitter with him and a lego guy wearing the detroit, red wings, hockey outfit. It looks really cool. I'm guessing it's kinda new since they haven't lift it out of the "stockpile" yet.

Full House - Funny Pictures

A made a youtube video with some funny screenshots from Full House. Enjoy! =)