onsdag 26 augusti 2009

Dave Coulier Interwiev

He talks about the olsen twins, Full House and keeping it clean.
Don't expect any f-bombs or blue-collar comedy from Dave Coulier. If you plan to see the comedian (best known as Uncle Joey on Full House) when he comes to the Comedy Club in Webster for shows from Thursday to Saturday, June 4 to 6, anticipate a cleaner brand of comedy than you'll find on HBO or Comedy Central.
"I've been rooted in family entertainment, and that's the way I came up," says Coulier. "I don't want to try to be somebody that I'm not. I'm not a prude; I've been in hockey locker rooms my whole life and there's a time and a place. But I never thought that time or place was in front of the public."
This should come as no surprise to fans of Full House, the squeaky clean sitcom, on which Coulier played the sensitive, naïve, somewhat childlike Joey Gladstone.
The comedian says while there are no plans for a Full House reunion or remake, the cast of the TV show — which ran as part of ABC's family friendly TGIF lineup from 1987 to 1995 — has stayed in touch and gets together regularly. "I had lunch with (Bob) Saget two weeks ago," Coulier says. "We all go out to dinner and there will be seven of us together, and people are like, 'Isn't that the cast of Full House over at that table?' It's odd to see that."
The actors are very close and protective of each other, especially in the face of tabloid scrutiny, he says. When the media attacked the Olsen twins over anorexia and drug rumors, their former co-stars were quick to come to their defense.
"(The press was) going after girls that weigh 90 pounds to begin with and saying they're anorexic. I mean, come on, seriously? You're going after a teenager? I think they're probably under 5 feet tall. They're tiny," he says. "We've really supported each other whenever these horrible stories come out. It is what it is, and you just kind of have to weather the storm and keep your head held high."
Coulier knows all about public scrutiny himself, after Alanis Morissette, a former girlfriend, released the scathing break-up song "You Oughta Know." While the man behind the song has remained a mystery, it has been widely rumored that Coulier was the inspiration.
"She wasn't Alanis Morissette 'the superstar' (when we were dating)," Coulier says. "She was a girl from Ottawa, Canada, and I had just become a single father and it was tumultuous ... but we parted as friends. There's some personal stuff in ("You Oughtta Know"), but I don't know who the guy is in that song because it's certainly not me ... And I never asked her who it was about."
Post-Full House, the comedian voluntarily put himself into the public eye, starring in such reality shows the Surreal Life (Season 3) and Skating with Celebrities, on which he was paired with Nancy Kerrigan.
As a cast member of The Surreal Life, Coulier was forced to live with Flavor Flav, Brigitte Nielsen and ex-New Kid on the Block Jordan Knight.
"It was 13 days, which ended up being 12 days too many for me; I was going crazy. I was thinking, 'What am I going to do? I'm really locked in here with these crazy people now!'" he says with a laugh. "Everybody said, 'You came across as this normal guy.' But I don't know how to be abnormal. I had good parents and I love my family, and I guess I don't have the crazy gene."

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